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 "Painting Ireland - Avonbeg, County Wicklow"

Landscape Series


" The fugitive effects of colour and light inspire me to capture the transient nuances of nature. I prefer to evoke emotion through colour and atmosphere over traditional approaches to subject and line.
More than ever I find I reduce my palette to darker, more sombre colours and tones when recreating this atmosphere, even when treating bright or colourful themes. It’s not just a matter of capturing the colour or illumination of a scene but rather an expression of the mystery, of the powerful influence with which the viewer is imbued.

The Avonbeg Series was inspired by the solitude of nature, by the natural rugged beauty of the area – wild, with little indication of man’s footprint. An occasional rotting stump, birch branches decaying in the bog, the tranquil landscape with its soft luminosity and the subdued colours that are unique to Ireland - therein lies a beauty all too often taken for granted.